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Division Zero is a RP based on the Bleach series.
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 The Laboratory

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PostSubject: The Laboratory    Tue Feb 21, 2012 9:28 pm

Gakuto stood over a table in the lab working on something furiously. Closer inspection would reveal it to be a mouse. The mouses skull was open, revealing it's brain. Gakuto was busy poking and prodding the small brain with point silver instruments. Using a long pair of tweezers he picked up a tiny electronic device. He placed it on the mouses brain and attached it to the neurons. He closed up the mouse's skull and then picked up a little remote control and pressed the power button. The mouse's eyes popped open and it stood up on it's hind legs and brought it's paw up to it's brow in a salute.

"Agent 23592 reporting for duty."

Gakuto chuckled at the small mouse.

"Such a loud voice for such a small specimen. You must remain silent, loud spies don't last long."

The mouse nodded and placed his arms behind his back.

"Now, I want you to go gather me some information. I need to test your abilities."

He told the mouse where to go and what to do and the mouse was off.
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PostSubject: Re: The Laboratory    Wed Feb 22, 2012 11:46 pm

The tiny agent made his way back to the lab by the hardest. He encountered a cat on his way back near the 7th and almost became lunch. He scurried through the lab seeking his master so he could deliver his information. He found Gakuto sitting at a computer reading over some logs. The mouse climbed onto the table where the computer sat and addressed his master.

"Agent 23592 reporting back with information from squad six."

Gakuto looked down at the small agent and gave him a creepy mad scientist grin.

"Very good. Let's see what we have."

Gakuto took the recorder and plugged it into the computer, and watched as the machine retrieved the data. Within moments are script along with audio popped on the screen.

Quote :
Captian Uyusei
"No... its alright."
"Nothing is wrong."
"Are you f-fine though?"
"Does... it hurt?"

Captain Shirakawa
"At first, but after it'd been healed I felt a lot better."
"I'll be fine."
"Sorry, I got hurt."

Captain Uyusei
"Don't be."
"Its your job after all."
"The arrancar you faced. It was him..."

Captain Shirakawa
"What do you mean?"
"The one that-?"
"The one that gave you your burns?"
"He...He got away."
"I couldn't stop him...I should have gone after him."

Captain Uyusei
"No... its okay."
"I don't want to lose anymore people to him."
"Thank you, Masaru."
"If you are okay, then I won't bother you any longer. I just came to see if you are all right."
"See you later, Masaru."

Hmm... What could this be about? What arrancar? Gakuto was interested, very interested. He minimized the conversation had between the two captains and began to look through his records of the captains. Reading Kano's file, he didn't see anything about being attacked by an arrancar. He searched her medical history to see about the burns.

Quote :
Unexplained abdominal burns...


The elderly captain scratched his head. So what did he know? Kano had at some point in time faced an arrancar that scarred her physically, and probably emotionally too. Masaru had faced him in the human world today and had been injured by him. There was one person he knew he could get some answers from for sure. Eri.
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PostSubject: Re: The Laboratory    Mon Apr 30, 2012 8:44 pm

Shuffling into the Laboratory, only a small time after his encounter with his nitwit of a Vice Captain as Lejiel would say, the Shinigami quickly sauntered over to one of the machines there and turned it on, afterwards walking towards one of the desks in the area and placing a handful of schemata on the surface. From a cursory glance, they all looked like some sort of robotic being, or close to it.

Picking each up and looking over them, studying the strengths and weaknesses of each of his designs in a quick manner, he then walked back over towards one of the machines and grabbed some sort of tool. Before starting to work, however, he took a glance at the others in the room, unseated members from the look of it. Well, not so much a glance as a predatory gaze, his chilling facial features easily scaring off some of them. The rest were smart enough to leave the room when he came in.

Now all alone as he preferred, within seconds he began work on his latest piece, the buzzes and whirs and the sounds of SCIENCE filling the room. He hated using the Squad's shared laboratory, but even he couldn't deny the level of technology within it. Not to mention he wouldn't have to replace any materials, since it was bankrolled by the Soul Society proper.

For hours upon hours, Lejiel would be here, just toiling away at his work, sometimes pausing to study a book or two while he waited for certain instruments to complete their task or what have you. Just what was the raven haired man making? Only time would tell...
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PostSubject: Re: The Laboratory    Wed May 02, 2012 9:45 pm

As the last of the machines in the room began winding down, signifying that their "job" was now complete, a slumped form lying face down on the desk would begin to rise, almost as if it were an instinctual movement. The long raven hair spilled onto the desk, covering his upper body like it was almost some sort of blanket. Lejiel had been in the laboratory for at least a good ten hours straight, and even he got tired at some point. Not often, but it happened.

Now though, the time for rest was no more. His latest invention was finally finished!

"Took long enough...senile old bastard and his outdated equipment..." He remarked to himself as he got up and sauntered over towards the machines, in the sloppy way that a recently awoken person would have. He wasn't actually tired so much anymore, but his body had yet to catch up with his mind. Parts of himself were still organic, after all.

Pressing a series of buttons swiftly, the machine he was at then opened with a hiss, steam escaping from the compartment that had been released. As the air cleared, a sleek and rather advanced looking figure would come into view. A dark metallic silver covered the robotic being from it's head down to it's feet. Every part of it's body was designed as efficiently as possible, to no surprise. After all, the Shinigami prided himself on his intellect, and would not tolerate anything less.

A sort of twisted smile came over the man's face as he observed the figure, before leaning over and opening the chassis, deftly pressing a few buttons and connecting a few wires and such before closing the case and backing up a few steps, clearing his throat afterwards and standing up straighter.

"S12-00001, Activate." He commanded. With a hum of gears turning and the sounds of whirring and slight buzzing and servos turning, the robot's round oval eyes filled with a blue light as it came to "life"for the first time, the blue light then traveling down it's body via visible "lines" of sorts which housed wires and mechanics, lighting up the the rest of his body as well. The robot then sat itself up and turned it's head towards Lejiel, it's body following suit as it placed it's legs on the ground. The robot itself wasn't too tall, only around 5 feet or so. Still, he had designed the robot to include an almost incalculable number of uses, including the ability to increase it's leg length, so height wasn't a problem.

"GREETINGS MASTER. WHAT IS MY PRIME DIRECTIVE?" It asked in a cold and mechanical voice, because it was a robot. Duh.

The man smirked to himself and placed his hands behind him, like an officer giving orders to a soldier.

"Your prime directive is to serve me, your creator, utterly. You answer to me alone. You may take orders from those that I have designated into your database, but my words trump all others. Understood?" He asked the mechanical being, which simply moved it's head up and down once like it was nodding as the figure committed the information to it's memory database.

"ACKNOWLEDGED. WHAT IS MY CURRENT TASK?" It asked. Lejiel began to walk back over towards the desk he was using and started to gather his things.

"Stay here, and continue my work. I've implanted the process of your creation into your memory banks. When the next of your kind is finished, designate them S12-00002 and so forth. When you are finished, go to the empty storage room I've designated and power down. Instruct the others to do the same after they are created." He remarked in a casual manner. The robot simply responded with another "ACKNOWLEDGED." before it's "feet" did a transformation, switching itself to wheeled locomotion to be more efficient in it's tasks as it began to repeat the long and arduous process of it's own creation for it's master.

Lejiel wasn't worried about the robots gaining sentience and rebelling against him. Please, he was too smart for that. He'd seen those infantile human films about Terminatrixes or whatever they were called. As he finished gathering his designs, he then made his way towards the door and left his creation to it's task, making his way down the hallways of the Squad...

Would be quite a sight for any other squad member that came into the Squad Lab, a robot making other robots. Crazy, right?
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PostSubject: Re: The Laboratory    Sun May 06, 2012 4:23 am

Gakuto's wheel chair rolled through squad twelve until he reached his sanctuary. The Lab. He rolled through the large doors and was greeted by the squad members who were doing their work. His favorite squad member, Agent 23592, crawled up his chair and gave him a warm welcome.

"Hello Captain Fujihana!"

Gakuto rubbed his finger on the mouse's head.

"Hello little one. Have you seen Sai?"

The mouse shook his head.

"No sir."

"Ok, I'll find him. Now, go find me some information on something useful."

The mouse's back stiffened and he gave Gakuto a salute and then ran off.

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PostSubject: Re: The Laboratory    Sun May 06, 2012 5:24 am

In a far corner of the lab Sai peered with high hopes at his latest creation sitting in the glass tube in front of him. Some sort of humanoid looking creature sat there suspended in the murky liquid. A slight smile spread across his face "Ah yes my lovely creation, not long now."

Suddenly a loud noise rang through the laboratory distracting Sai from his work. "SAI!". His head popped up and a confused look came over his face. "Oh that's me!" He got up from his chair and went to investigate. He made his way through the machinery and found Captain Fujihana sitting in his chair.

"Why Hello Captain Fujihana, how are we feeling today." He said while giving a slight bow. "Its good to see you back in the lab" Sai walked closer to Gakuto crouching down taking a closer look at the wheel chair. "I hate to see you in a contraption like that. Im sure the robotics department could whip something a little more practical for a man like yourself. Perhaps we could get you back on your feet".
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PostSubject: Re: The Laboratory    Sun May 13, 2012 5:23 pm

Gakuto sat in his chair and waited for Sai to get to him. Why was this man so slow? When Gakuto was young, he was at his captain's side all the time. Although, he couldn't say he wanted Sai by his side all the time. To be quite frank, the man drove him bat shit. Finally the man arrived, with a barrage of questions.

"I could get out of this chair if I wanted. My legs aren't even real, but my wife would skin me alive if I didn't use it."

Gakuto propped his arm up on the arm of the chair and rested his head against it. He was tired. So tired. He wouldn't be in the lab long today. He just wanted to go lay down.

"I'm going to be out the rest of the day. I'm gonna need you to take the files I back up yesterday and bring the digital copy to squad one to put in the archives. Don't bother Setsuna. She has enough work."
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PostSubject: Re: The Laboratory    

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The Laboratory
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