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Division Zero is a RP based on the Bleach series.
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 Defense over Offense (Arc 1)

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Solar Apo


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PostSubject: Defense over Offense (Arc 1)   Fri Apr 13, 2012 2:55 am

Arka ran as soon as she was out of there. Something big was about to happen and she sure as hell didn't want to be caught in any sort of crossfire. Flashstepping when she got far enough away, the newbie captain was rather upset, though her outside seemed calmed. Inside she was in turmoil. Was she betraying the Soul Society? Her Family? Her Squad? What was going on here!? Everything was going to hell and the explanations made no dent in her mind. They weren't even considered at this point. What could she, a new captain, possibly do to halt or move the flow that was going on now? All she could think to do was return to her squad... Those she left behind, they had no idea about all of this. In fact, they would be in great danger. How could she let them throw their afterlives away?

Reaching her squad, she wasn't out of breath, but was damn near it. Worry and anger were starting to take hold, and it showed by her face. Squad members greeted her at the gates and she waved them off. "No time! This is a code red. All members are to go to emergency stations. I repeat emergencies stations. Have the Butterflies loosed and sent off to everywhere. I don't care where. If something happens to this squad, their survival is a priority. I'll be in my office."

What she was about to do was going to be very very taxing. Since she had gotten bankai, the reach and area of her sound strings had increased by quite a bit. This would be the first time she tried to cover such a large area. On her way to the formal office, someone handed her a picture. Looking at it, she handed it back. "So was it destroyed?"

"Yes Ma'am. Once the butterflies spotted it, it was completely gotten rid of." Arka wanted to hug this person, it was the best news she had had. So she did. It helped a bit, calming her enough to actually attempt this. Man, she wasn't cut out for this job. She was too well adjusted. Stress like this would give her wrinkles... Sitting in the uncomfy chair, Arka released her shikai.

"Oto ni Michi Sekai, Fukyowaon!" The ink covered her arms and body, while her threads reached out over the course of the squad, both in the air and over the ground. This was going to be taxing, and her preparations and practicing might not prove that she would survive this. Still, Arka closed her red eyes and relaxed her body, letting the sounds travel off her mind. If someone entered or came near the squad, she would know it. Hopefully that would be enough warning.
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Defense over Offense (Arc 1)
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